Detelina Zdravkova
Detelina Zdravkova

Painting as emotion

Detelina Zdravkova obtains her inspiration from nature endless shades. The warm of sun, the rush of wind, the eternity of sea - all that can be seen in all her works, created with extremely emotional expressiveness. You will not find in her works the diligent student or the follower of strong rules. She is a self-taught artist. The striving for freedom of expression, combined with emotional delicacy, gives to her paintings a particular kindness and warm, bright mood and freshness, reproduced with a plenty of colours and shapes. For many years she was experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Now, she concentrates on oil on canvas. Detelina Zdravkova is using specific impasto technique, mixing oil paints directly on canvas.

Her artworks could be found in a private collections in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Germany, USA, Hungary, Austria.

She took part in solo and group exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain ).

As a typical representative of "Libra" sign, the art works of Detelina Zdravkova are steeped in emotions and sensitiveness, specific vividness of colours and influent expressiveness. Her major subjects are landscapes & cityscapes, seascapes, figurative and abstract art.

Born in Bulgaria.

She has a degree in History of Art (London Art College, UK).

Detelina lives and works in the capital of Bulgaria -Sofia.